Biggles & Bilo.

Carlos says "Iloveyou" to Peter and kisses him.

Carlos & Peter. At Reading. Libertines Reunion.

I definitely think that Carlos whispers “Iloveyou” in Peters ear before kissing him.


Likely Lads: Together Again.

Oh my God! I’m this happy about the reunion of the Libertines that there aren’t any words to explain it.

I never thought that this could ever happen.

Here you can see the cover of the NME magazine, that has the reunion of the four talented Albion lads as title story.

I really wish that I’d come from Albion so I could visit the Reading / Leeds festivals. But I am not.

So I just can sit here, in good old Germany, and wait the Libertines to come to me. *__* It would be – fantastic, or better incrediblib.

I’m really exited, how long they will stay together and if they are even able to record a new single together, if not a whole album. 🙂

I deeply wish that there will be a Happy End for Gary, John and especially for Carl and Peter in combination with the fucking great Libertines.

I think it’s also very interesting to see, if the Babyshambles album still gets released now.

I mean, I really adore the Libs, but… I don’t want to lose the Shambles for them. That’s like a sweet-sour-sauce. The best would be, if both are able to exist, but I’m not sure, if Peter can carry this weight. Uff. After the first euphoric thoughts there’re now these deep, sad thoughts about the Shambles.

I hope everything’s good for all involved people in the end.

Let’s wait and see. :O

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