Can’t stand me now…

New one, what’s up, mates?


Sticks & Stones.

New song, tell me what you think, mates. :))

My wall ♥

It’s always the same – to see it in a higher resolution, click on it and open it in a new tab 🙂

New Hat & Ring!

I think there’s nothing more to say. 🙂

Painting Number Idontcare

I just tried to draw Peter and Carlos – but it doesn’t look like… what I expected.

[right click on the picture to see it in full size.]

Peter’s too thin and uff… I don’t know.

Please tell me your critics 🙂

Maybe I’ve to start a new effort the next time.

Biggles & Bilo.

Carlos says "Iloveyou" to Peter and kisses him.

Carlos & Peter. At Reading. Libertines Reunion.

I definitely think that Carlos whispers “Iloveyou” in Peters ear before kissing him.

What A Waster – Cover!

New one. Now without Adam, I hope you like it.

Tell me what you think!

What A Waster.

Me featuring Adam Green – I really hope you like it.

If not, tell me what I could do better, please!

The Lonely Genius.

I’d like to listen to your opinion 🙂

This is my portrait of Mister Peter Doherty.
He’s one of my biggest inspirations and this is my way to present him.
The lyrics in the background written are all from himself and they should show his brilliancy as a poet and songwriter.
He himself is presented in black and white because everyone just sees him black or white. Whether he’s the addict or he’s the unbelievable last forgotten Rock’n’Roller. But if you lift the curtain there’s more than just “Pete” – there’s Mister Peter Doherty as personality and own human being.

If you want to look at it in a higher quality you can follow this link:

The unbelievable Billy Bilo.

I made a video for and of Peter Doherty and it would be nice if you’d check it out.

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