Everything sucks right now.

What’s wrong, what’s fucking going on?

Am depressed.

There’s no railing, where I can hold myself.

There’s no light at the end of the tunnel, which leeds me.

There’s no hand, which is holding my one while walking along the abyss.

Hero, where fucking are you?


Fuck Forever.


my next cover: Fuck Forever by the Babyshambles.

Hope you like it, tell my about your thoughts, mates.



This is my fiiiirst Tattoo. If anyone wants to know the meaning, don’t hesitate to ask me :))

New Hat & Ring!

I think there’s nothing more to say. πŸ™‚

Painting Number Idontcare

I just tried to draw Peter and Carlos – but it doesn’t look like… what I expected.

[right click on the picture to see it in full size.]

Peter’s too thin and uff… I don’t know.

Please tell me your critics πŸ™‚

Maybe I’ve to start a new effort the next time.

Biggles & Bilo.

Carlos says "Iloveyou" to Peter and kisses him.

Carlos & Peter. At Reading. Libertines Reunion.

I definitely think that Carlos whispers “Iloveyou” in Peters ear before kissing him.

What A Waster – Cover!

New one. Now without Adam, I hope you like it.

Tell me what you think!

Bla! Bonaparte!

My Bonaparte package has just arrived.


Shirt is designed by Anne Schmuhl – yes I know you cannot see it πŸ˜€

But I definitely love my stagemask – I’m a little wild wolf!

What A Waster.

Me featuring Adam Green – I really hope you like it.

If not, tell me what I could do better, please!

New Dress. <3

This is my new dress – I’m a little sailor girl. What do you think? πŸ˜‰

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