Some of my favourite lyrics.

Here are some of my favourite verses of lyrics. It aren’t all, they will be continued.

See I really like you – but I’m nothing like you. Gin & Milk – Dirty Pretty Things.

What became of the love we knew? Hooray For The 21th Century – The Libertines.

If you’ve lost your faith in love & music – Oh the end won’t be long. The Good Old Days – The Libertines.

‘Cause there were no good old days – these are the good old days. The Good Old Days – The Libertines.

The arcadian dream has all fallen through -But the Albion sails on course. The Good Old days – The Libertines.

He puts a bullet through his brain and noone spoke of him again. Suicide in the Trenches – Siegfried Sassoon

Words are my big obsession. Rave Rave Rave – Bonaparte.

Today’s tomorrows good old times. Rave Rave Rave – Bonaparte.

When you say your f-words, oh just like a sonbird, than it sounds to me, just like poetry. Rave Rave Rave – Bonaparte.

Remember when you pay – you’ll pay in many many ways. Begging – The Libertines.

who fucked it up and called it love? – it wasn’t me. Who Took The Pill? – Bonaparte.

who broke your heart? – it wasn’t me. Who Took The Pill? – Bonaparte.

And no one’s going to sell you any alibis. Bucket Shop – The Libertines.

So when the dark times come well I will song you a good time song. B.U.R.M.A. – Dirty Pretty Things.

Do you remember like I remember – all the dirty things you said? B.U.R.M.A. – Dirty Pretty Things.

I’m hoping if you know where I am – Send your heart in a telegram. B.U.R.M.A. – Dirty Pretty Things.

Oh maybe maybe maybe I just don’t care. The Delaney – The Libertines.

Had two more drinks and then I slipped under the table. Mockingbird – The Libertines.

Won me a mockingbird, when I gambled all night long. Mockingbird – The Libertines.

‘Cause we lived my dream today, And I have lived it yesterday – And I’ll have lived it tomorrow – no don’t look at me that way. The Man Who Would Be King – The Libertines.

The instict I have is to kill the thing I love. If You Love A Woman – Dirty Pretty Things.

We’ll never be tired of England – united in rain in the cities. Tired Of England – Dirty Pretty Things.

Safety pins are none too strong, Katie – they hold my life together. What Katie Did – The Libertines.

Coin-operated boy. With his pretty coin-operated voice. Saying that he loves me, that he’s thinking of me. Straight and to the point. That is why i want – a Coin-operated boy. Coin operated boy – The Dresden Dolls.

They’re just narcissists. Well wouldn’t it be nice to be Dorian Gray? Just for a day… Narcissists – The Libertines.

I’ll pay the woman on my way back home. Pay the Lady -The Libertines.

Can I take back what I said when the lights were off? Tu Me Molas – Bonaparte.

I get along… just singing my song. People tell me I’m wrong – Fuck ’em! Get along – The Libertines.

I am necessity, base of the recipe. I am the rain. I am the rain – Peter Doherty.



Already seen my news friends?

Let’s wait and see if their hair grows 🙂

How to built your own Grashead.

1. Take some old tights.

2. Put some grasseads into it.

3. Fill the leftover space with litter/mulch.

4. Make a bend at the end of them.

5. Now you can beautify or better pimp your Grashead. For example with pears, pipecleaners, eddings or whatever you want.

6. After finishing it, you can place you Greashead onto a little plate, which you fill with water.

7. In a few days there will grow some hairs onto the head of your little friend.

This are Sibyll and Peter P. In a few days I’ll show you their new haircuts. 🙂


New haircolour 🙂

I’ve got a new haircolour, that’s why I present this photo to you ^-^

But I’m a bit ill at the moment, a better pic will follow this one.

The Lonely Genius.

I’d like to listen to your opinion 🙂

This is my portrait of Mister Peter Doherty.
He’s one of my biggest inspirations and this is my way to present him.
The lyrics in the background written are all from himself and they should show his brilliancy as a poet and songwriter.
He himself is presented in black and white because everyone just sees him black or white. Whether he’s the addict or he’s the unbelievable last forgotten Rock’n’Roller. But if you lift the curtain there’s more than just “Pete” – there’s Mister Peter Doherty as personality and own human being.

If you want to look at it in a higher quality you can follow this link:

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